I know that some people wonder what the Hard Rock Café has to offer.  It is actually very simple.  Many of us grew up banging our heads to the music created by rock stars and bands whose memorabilia is displayed by Hard Rock – they are like mini music museums that also happen to serve delicious American food.

Some of us like to enhance our traveling experience by enveloping ourselves into the culture we are exploring – which includes all sorts of experiences – especially food and music!  Even so, you may eventually tire of the exotic palate…or the price!

It has happened to Mike and I many times and when we want to taste food from home, we go to Hard Rock Café.  We enjoy seeing the different and unique-to-location rock ‘n roll artifacts.  We always enjoy the music – even in Dublin when we were blasted with Pink!

Of course, they do have more to offer than food and music – they are great souvenir shops!  They offer key rings, magnets, glasses, cups and a variety of other trinkets; especially their famous t-shirts! Every time we stop, we get a new t-shirt to commemorate our trip.  The best thing about Hard Rock is that they will ONLY sell their shirts with the location name in the actual location, i.e. if you want a Hard Rock London shirt, you better book a flight because that is the ONLY place you will get it.

We love that about Hard Rock; if you have the shirt, you must have been there!  Unlike other people who stay the same size their whole lives, Mike and I have a tendency to fluctuate sizes…so we have a plan!  When we no longer fit in our Hard Rock shirts, we will turn them into a Hard Rock quilt!  This way, we can still see them and fondly remember our adventures.

IMG_2812.JPGRome’s Hard Rock CaféEuropean Vacation 2012 - Amsterdam, Netherlands 259Hard Rock Café in Amsterdam